Sunday, 15 February 2009


Well I have had more relaxing Sundays! My car died on me quite suddenly and unexpectedly! It is an Alpha Romeo and apparently people hate working on them! My brothers mechanic came and looked at it, poured a big bottle of oil I had just bought into it, reversed it a bit then drove forward and we both watched the oil pouring out! hmmmm. So what do you think? Well Linda he said, it is your sump and before you ask me to fix it I hate these cars and wouldn't touch it! As if I wasn't traumatised enough! The night I drove it home, I entered my car park in a blue haze with all the windows open so I could breathe and my son and his friend were just chatting outside my gate. I walked past them both with a less than chatty greeting and heard my sons friend Wayne say, guess you will be wanting to borrow my van for a couple of days Lin! bless....Well I have bumbled through for a while now, had a lot of my annual holiday off as I can't face a bus and train to work, then finally found someone who will fix it. Today my friends and I towed it to his house. We were ages looking for somewhere to put the rope as we couldn't drive it with no oil. In the end we rang this chap up and there was a little circle in the bumper and a tool in the jack container that screws into this hole. Well I was amazed, how clever was that! he he! I just hope it is only the sump and he does not find anything else!
My son was about to sell it when my last car died and he let me have it for a good price. It tickled me when the mechanic said whoever sold you that saw you coming love! I kept quiet obviously! It had been brilliant for 4 months!
The car park looks a bit messy with my dark oily patch in it now I must say. ah well...

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  1. Hi Linda! I'm so glad I found you again, I was beginning to think you'd disappeared for ever! I hope the car gets fixed and you don't have more trouble. Jeannette xx